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Targeted Paid Traffic Strategies

Find Ready-To-Buy Customers With A Paid Traffic Strategy

PPC Traffic Strategies

Bring visitors to your site that are primed to buy with a targeting paid traffic strategy. We'll target the perfect keywords and customers with laser precision to bring you traffic that converts.

We'll optimize advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and more to get the most out of every penny you spend.

Starting a marketing campaign that takes 6 – 12 months to start generating enough leads is no good, and that’s what you typically get when you just start an SEO campaign. Pay per click management is essential for those businesses that can’t wait for their phone to start ringing. If you want to start booking right away, pay per click is the only way to go.

Google Ads Management

At Social Climb Landscaper Marketing we offer Google Ads campaign creation, and management. It’s important to work with a company that is familiar with your industry.

We will build you a campaign that will get your phone ringing with landscaping jobs. This includes a custom landing page created specifically for your landscaping offer.

If you’ve never given Google Ads a shot, or you have and were unsuccessful, give us a call at 877--304-7990 or schedule a call and we will show you how you can start generating landscaping jobs through the world’s largest search engine.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads can be a great platform to use for landscaping companies. Facebook allows very thorough demographic targeting, unlike Google.

The downside to Facebook Ads is you don’t get the intent you get with Google Ads (i.e. they aren’t actively searching for your services). This makes it important that your ads are targeting the right buyer persona, and is speaking to them in the right way.

You also want to offer some sort of a special, or limited time offer in your FB Ads, to give the potential client an incentive to fill out their information.

Display Ads

organic vs paid traffic

Google isn't the only Game in Town!

Get in front of prospects where they hang out.  Your potential customers are using the internet to keep up with news, for checking the weather, watching videos, searching for vacations spots, playing games and using their favorite mobile apps. Why not keep your brand in front of them where ever they may be online. 

  • News Channels (national and local)
    Major Networks (History Channel, Home Improvement)
    Sports Networks (ESPN)
    Mobile Apps
    Many, many more...

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