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Retargeting Ads For Landscapers

Advertise to Past Visitors With Retargeting Ads

Are you getting a bunch of website visitors to your site, but still not receiving the amount of leads you want?

One thing that can fix this is setting up retargeting ads to your previous site visitors. This is a crucial part of our landscaper marketing system.

landscaper retargeting program

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is something you have probably seen, but just not known what was happening. You know when you go to websites such as Target, Zappos, or even Amazon and their ads appear on many other websites that you visit for the next month or so?

This is what's called Retargeting

This is when a company advertises directly to you to encourage you to come back.

Advantages of Retargeting For Landscapers

With the exception of emergency repairs most website visitors are doing some research before they hire a landscaper, lawn care provider or sprinkler system installation. Knowing that 85% or more of your website visitors will not pick up the phone and call, how do you stay top of mind for these visitors? The simple answer is Retargeting. Here are some advantages to running ads for a retargeting campaign: 


  • It targets the people who were interested in visiting you before (your audience) 
  • It is extremely affordable
  • You “own” this audience
  • You can market to them any time in the future
  • This list builds over time
  • Great for branding
  • Extremely targeted
what are retargeting ads

Retargeting for Landscapers: The Best Way to Make Your Business Visible Online

Having a landscaping Retargeting campaign done the right way can increase traffic and fuel growth of your landscaping business, all from the internet! It can help make sure your brand is front and center in your local area and give off the trust that you need to encourage customers to contact you. Better rankings = more traffic = more customers for you.

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